Educational Aid Magnets

Educational Aid Magnets

KMP is developing a full line of educational aid products, covering the field of math, science, language, and suitable for ages from pre-school to middle school. New products will be launched from time to time. Please check back as often as possible.

Products Listing

Magnetic Whiteboard Pins

Holds up to 12 sheets of A4 (80gsm) photocopy paper against a metal surface. Colorful push pin style magnets for use on dry erase boards, planning/notice boards or any magnetic metal surfaces.

Colours: Purple, Grey Black, Navy Blue, Bright Green, Orange & Yellow.

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“SPIN & MAG” Magnetic Whiteboard

Transform your classroom whiteboard into an interactive, whole-class game world!

Draw a circle, write content and then invite students to join the game. From a classroom management tool to subject-specific games; creating all sorts of games or activities, SPIN & MAG Spinner can be a fun teaching aid.

Material: Card Board and Ferrite Magnet

Designs: Great Tower, Halloween and Ice Cream

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Magnetic Letters and Numbers

Easy on and easy off! Perforated and printed magnetic numbers/letters. It’s a great teaching aid for teachers.

Our flexible magnet products are Non-toxic and meet ASTM & European safety toys EN71 Part 3 standard.

Colours: Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, & White

Size: 235mmx311mm

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Write on, and wipe off with any dry-erasable pen. This large non-toxic whiteboard dice is designed for teaching aid. Use it for math facts, shapes, colours, spelling words, sight words and vocabulary. You name it. It’s perfect for classroom activities and demonstrations. Makes learning so much fun!

2 sizes: 85mm and 130mm

Colours: Red and Blue

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Magnetic Tangrams

Put away the math workbook and play with tangrams for your math lesson. Teaching with this manipulating tangrams will stimulate the development of both left and right brain. This simple but multifunctional tool enhance children the concept of shape, hand-eye coordination, creation, extended thinking, visual memory, imagination and so much more.

Colours: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow

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    Note: To better assist you with your request, please let us know the following information as much details as possible. 

    • Magnet Material (e.g. Neodymium, Alnico, Ceramic, or SmCo etc.)
    • Material Grade or Magnetic Properties
    • Sizes, Shapes (e.g. Block, Disc, or Ring) ** If Irregular shape, please provide a sketch/drawing.
    • Tolerances If Any (KMP standard tolerances will be quoted if not mentioned)
    • Magnetization Direction (Magnetize through thickness will be quoted if not mentioned)
    • Surface Protection/Coatings If Required (e.g. NdFeB magnet will be Ni-plated if not mentioned)
    • Maximum Working Temperature
    • Quantity, or Estimated Annual Usage Quantity
    • Target Price or Other Requirements


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